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   Blue & Orange - Camp@BRC 2002
Come to our camp@BRC 2002 and receive Orange and Blue you DESERVE.

   PISS CLEAR -- Black Rock City’s favorite alternative newspaper
PISS CLEAR is Black Rock City’s favorite alternative newspaper. Publishing on the playa since 1995, Piss Clear is Burning Man’s snarky reality check. The on-line version is an archive chock full of witty articles, acerbic rants, thoughtful commentaries, and funny lists, including PDF files of every issue ever published.

   PoiSpinning.com - Book& Courses
The huge jam-packed book on Poi Spinning: 144 pages of clearly illustrated instruction from beginner to expert. View pages from the book and comments from other readers, contact the author, find out where to buy a copy and even get details on the popular poi courses taught by the author!

   Welcome Home: A Burning Man Film
"Welcome Home: Living at Burning Man" is a documentary film project by Nick Topolos and Paul D. Carey that will explore the ideas of home and how people create a home in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, during the annual Burning Man event. We expect this project to take several years to complete. We intend to interview people before they attend the event, film theme camps being set up, interview people at the event, and follow up with individuals after they return to their year-round homes. We are also soliciting input and ideas on this film through our web site.

GlitterGirl is a professional fire/light poi dancer, DJ, artist and founder of the Temple of Poi, a community and school dedicated to self expression through the use of Poi.

   StranjBrew Hoop~Dee~Doo and Center for Enlightenment
Do you remember a time when a playground was an unlimited expanse and your toys were bigger than you were? A time when it took two hands to grab onto a ball and all of your might to throw it? A time when all you had to do was to roll around and just Be all day, your thoughts drifting aimlessly? Welcome to the StranjBrew Hoop~Dee~Doo and Center for Enlightenment, where we take our Mindless Play seriously! We here at Camp Hoop~Dee~Doo have scoured the corners of the Earth to bring to the Playa the finest balls of voluptuous roundocity upon which to contemplate, ruminate and participate. The world’s largest inflatable balls! Glow in the dark balls! Yoga balls to bounce on! Dual-Hoop Free Throw Basketball! Also this year we will be bringing 2000 Glowsticks to the playa. Each night we will break out 300 or so to play with for a little while and then they will be given out freely until they’re all gone. Enlightenment... Playa Style! Camp Hoop~Dee~Doo will be open 24 hours a day 7 days the week for your recreational or pontifical pleasure. Playa Enlightenment will commence each evening at Sunset. Come On Over and Have a BALL on the playa!! ’Til then, stop by the website! Clean-Up

   An Alternative Chicago / Ft.Wayne Burning Man List
Larry Harvey got it wrong; radical inclusiveness is not the way to go. A more nuanced approach discussed on the homepage for a new list for burners in Chicago, along with a discussion of how one might build community in a time and place in which the values of community have been lost, one which keeps the raver, yahoo and spectator elements at bay. We discuss what we learned from our past mistakes, some quite painful, as we’ve tried to create an apolitical, pro-intellectual alternative to the official Burning Man forum for Chicago where civility and rationality are insisted on, and the emphasis is put back where it belongs: on the art.

   My Postmodern Art Gallery at the Saguaro Lounge
Perhaps you’re seen one of my installations, at a recent burn? A postmodern, sensitive, politically correct artist explains the thinking behind his work. That, and a forum for the discussion of Burning Man and of art, culture and travel in the American Desert Southwest in general, replacing the old BurnFree / Burning Man Republican list.

   Poi Spinner Dot Com
Boston based Fire and glow poi performer

   Collages of the Man
Photo collages and videos from 1997- 2004 from Sunvalley theme camp Lenny Jones and Claudia Rose

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