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   Automatic Subconscious
In one form or another has been a Playa tradition/mistake for some 7 years now with the previous 3-years taken up by other Incarnations of Insanity. Why do we do it we ask? Well the answer is never really quite clear, but like lemmings drawn to memories of the West we are drawn towards our own cliffs over the Lahontan Lake, pausing only briefly at the edge until the inexorable pressure of those with us for the ride pitches us out over the brink into the stormy depths below. Only, this is not the end, we swim along with the currents storm-tossed and starry-eyed spouting out streams of ocean blue at passing mermaids and deep-sea turtles. We suffer through interminable heat-stroke, wrinkly fur and lack of potable water until at last we drift, battered and torn, worse for wear but quite at ease into the maw of some gaping theme camp, there to find solace, colored blinky lights and Moxie with a shot of vodka, or cod-liver oil, wherever your new found thirst for pleasure may take your sorry, dusty, beautiful ass. So come on over to our house, have a drink, climb the observation deck, take a class, be entertained, hear a story, tell a joke, have a beer, give us a kiss, love and generally come on down and let us prove to you that, although we may hail from the rude Northeast, we gots some love to give and smiles we have been saving all year to release.

   Playa Art by Mister Jellyfish & Crew
Hi. I work with a magnificent crew to build giant interactive art for public performance and human interaction. Cheers. -Mister Jellyfish

   40 and Stuff and Shit
Musings of a 40 (something) year old

   Twanís List - Connecting the Dots
Southern Californiaís Alternative Entertainment Information Source - Underground Parties, Live Music, Art, Events, and Unusual Gatherings, provided by former L.A. Burning Man Regional Director Twan (1999-2006).

   An Unofficial Politically Incorrect Burners / Burning Man List
The finest Conservative Burning Man list in existence because itís the only Conservative Burning Man list in existence. :) A friendly, civil place for Political Conservatives, Libertarians and Moderates, and other Republican-friendly people in the Burning Man community. We also have a place out back where we let the Liberals stay, if they agree to behave themselves.

   Burning Man Opera
Long time website for Pepe Ozanís Burning Man Opera, the one-of-a-kind large scale Playa ritual performed at Black Rock City for many years.

   Foxi Hoops
Hoop lessons, performances, and jewelery.

   MetaForce Utility Belts for Burning Man
Our passion for the perfect hip utility belt grew alongside the expansion of our audience from Goa to Brooklyn to Burning Man. We found no greater satisfaction than the smiles on our tribesí faces: we saw that our burner-chic fashion ideas complemented their lifestyles just as it did ours, going hand-in-hand with the adventure, music and community that we loved. With the encouragement of these loyal fans, our family & a wide circle of friends, we decided to open our doors to the world. Going global was a big commitment: we wanted to get the formula right. We sought out top-end leather and suede, processed in healthy tanneries, and ensured that our production facility conformed to global regulations governing fair labor and environmental sustainability.

   Blinky Belts
These cool belts have LED lights that flash when you move!

<< PREV 10 DISPLAYING SITES 41-49 (of 49)