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Need to get your message out this year?

Remember that there are only 199 days left until Burning Man!
Whether you need to promote an event for your camp, remind burners of an important issue or just hear your message on the radio, you can use the Radio Announcement Drop Box to upload your audio message to be played over the air waves of Burning Man. There’s no better way to get your announcement out to the denizens of Black Rock City.

You may transfer your message using one of the four methods listed below. Although MP3 is the preferred file format, you may upload any audio file type; just remember that the broadcasters must be able to download and play your message. In addition, you may upload text files of a message you would like read on the air. Note that your message will not be available for download immediately.

Method 1 - HTTP upload
Click 'Browse' below to locate the audio file on your hard drive, then click 'Send File'. The file may take a while to upload depending on size and connection speed, so please remain on the page until you see the confirmation message. Note that not all browsers support this functionality. If this is not working for you, please use one of the other methods.
File to send

Method 2 - FTP upload
Use the following link to upload your files via FTP:


If your browser doesn't support FTP, you can use any FTP client with the following settings:

FTP host:
User Name: announcements
Password: blackrock

Method 3 - send message by mail
You may send your message by mail on any of the following media types: CD, MiniDisc, cassette tape, CD-ROM, 3.5" floppy, Zip, Jazz, Orb or DVD (Although sending expensive media types is not recommended, your material can be mailed back to you upon request.)

If you choose to use this method, please e-mail for the mailing address.

Method 4 - record message by telephone
If all else fails, or you don't have your message recorded to an audio file, simply dial the toll free number below and dial '1' at the prompt to record your message. Be sure to record in a quiet place and with a good telephone.


broadcasters: click here to download files
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