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Thanks to everyone who joined us in the womb and experienced the true purpose of our camp. We hope that the beat carried you away as our DJs took you on magnificent journeys through the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures of synaesthesia.


The following is an incomplete list of Synaesthesia's performers. Further contact information can be found on the contact page.

Brent - 2000 guest DJ
style: house

DJ Chulada - 2000 resident DJ/2001 guest DJ
style: San Francisco house 

Elsewhere - 2001 resident DJ
style: progressive trance

Godstar - 2001 guest band
style: vocal-driven electronic

Jarod Kober - 2001 resident DJ
style: progressive house & trance

Jean-Louie - 2001 guest DJ
style: house

Mike - 2001 guest DJ
style: progressive house & trance

DJ Psychotropic - 2001 resident DJ
style: trance & deep house

Sid Huang - 2001 guest DJ
style: trance

DJ Sustenance - 2001 resident DJ
style: psychedelic progressive trance and breakbeat

Take our music with you when you leave the dome to explore the other parts of Black Rock City. Enjoy the sounds of synaesthesia by tuning your radio to
91.1 fm.


As the insouciant way of life in Black Rock City doesn't quite lend itself to strict scheduling, we didn't present more than a very general guideline to our aural activities, and true to form, ardently followed that schedule. It is here presented for your bemusement:

During the creation of the womb on the weekend of the 25th, the sounds of Synaesthesia will be intermittent at best as we test our audio systems. Please stay tuned and stop by to check things out. We anticipate having things in full swing by some time Monday.

Approximate Daily Schedule
Aug 28 to 31
4am to 8pm amplified music off (radio station only)
8pm to 4am come and dance now

Sep 1
4am through burn amplified music off (radio station only)
After burn to 4am after-burn party
Sep 2
4am to noon amplified music off (radio station only)
noon to departure camp tear down